I Bought a PS4

Hey guys, sorry for not posting much of anything this month. I’ve been rather busy and though I’ve had my blog on my mind, I’ve had to slog through other things that had me push it to the side for a bit. But, things are starting to slow down, and so I shall resume writing regular posts.

At the beginning of July I bought a PS4. My boyfriend and I have wanted one for some time, and planned to get one in the near future, but I decided that I needed something that I could use to get a break from the computer. It worked great, actually. Even better than I thought it would.

See, my problem with working on the computer is that if I’m itching to do something other than work, I hop on League of Legends and play a couple ranked matches (and proceed to scream inside at how terrible everyone in Platinum seems to be) to refocus myself before going back to work. But the nature of the League ranked system would have me playing 2-3 games in a row, which is about an hour and a half depending on the length of each match. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I were able to just play one match at a time, but that really only would have been possible if I won each time because of the frustration that builds up from losing a match that should have been won.

Putting that aside, that’s where the PS4 comes in. I’m a huge RPG fan, which are easy to play in quick bursts and put down for a while to do something else. Essentially, they’re perfect for when I need a quick brain break. It’s true that I didn’t need to spend $700 on a PS4 and some games to play a good RPG, but remember that I wanted to be able to take a break from the computer, too. So, now instead of working for an hour or so and spending an hour and a half playing league, I’ve been working for about two hours at a time, and then taking a fourty-five minute break to play whatever game I’m fancying at the moment.

Since I love to talk about video games about as much as I do about writing and books, I’ll write some posts about my experieces on the PS4 as the year progresses. For now, all I’ll tell you guys is that I have The Last of Us, Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls Online, and Bloodborne. There are a couple other games I’m interested in getting (Horizon Zero Dawn comes to mind), but these will occupy me for now.

Actually, before I wrap this post up, I want to talk a bit about the PS4 itself.

Honestly, I’m not much of a console gamer. I had a PS1 a super long time ago and played the original Spyro games, I had a PS2 where I watched my family play other games like Jak and Need for Speed, and I got an original Wii for Christmas a couple years back that I never really got to use all that much.

So, I’ve never really experieced a “smart console” before now. Being able to connect to the internet and watch anime or Netflix without connecting a computer to my TV is a huge perk. I don’t see much of a use in the browser feature for anything else but watching anime (as Netflix’s selection is limited and the crunchyroll app is only useful if you have a premium sub) because a computer is much more functional. Those are my thoughts, at least. I haven’t tried much else yet.

Do any of you guys have a PS4? What are your thoughts on the machine itself?



The Nighthunter

I’ve never been an early riser. Getting up long past noon and staying up deep into the night has always suited me more than waking in the early hours to do “normal” things throughout the day. My thoughts have pretty much been, for as long as I can remember, “Why should I do anything else when I have everything I need right here at my disposal at any hour of any day?” Those things being the internet, video games, books, and my ability to write whatever I felt like writing.

I know there are lots of people like me; night owls who make their schedules in the heat of things, doing what they want when they want because they have the power to do it like that. Moreso, there are people who get up early because it’s what they want to do. And you know what? Good for them. We should all have the power to have even some semblance of control over our lives, but as most of us are very well aware, that’s not the case.

There have been countless times where I’ve been in a situation that leads to me being asked the following strain of questions:

“So.. you’re a student?”

“Oh, no. I work.” (Not really want to say much more about it, because I know what’s coming next.)

“Really? What do you do?”

“I’m a freelance writer.”

“You write articles for magazines or something? That’s cool! How do you get people to buy your stuff?”

“I.. uh… write fiction, not articles. Like books and short stories and such.”

“People actually pay you to do that?”


I’m a freelance writer because writing is what I love to do. Even better, I get to control my schedule, what jobs I take, and (often times) how much I’m paid. Sure, I could do something that forces me to work eight hours a day and give me a stable income, but I’d be selling my soul to a world that wants to control me, not allow me to take control. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. I know I want to be a writer, I know I can make a living doing it, so that’s what I’m doing.

Recently I’ve started calling myself the Nighthunter. Mostly because it sounds cool, but also because I find that it’s a suitable metaphor for what I’m experiencing. I’m not undercover like the word Nighthunter suggests, but I feel like I need to hide and control my desires in order to mesh in well enough with the world we live in until my prey is in sight. Then I can jump out and snatch it the moment it’s within reach.

How do people react to you being a writer? Have you come up with any (crazy, silly, or otherwise) metaphors to describe your life as a writer?


Okay, okay…

It’s been almost a month since my last post, and honestly I hadn’t even realized it’s been so long until the other day when I got to my mom’s house and was looking for things to do. You might know me by now– sometimes I’ll do whatever it takes NOT to work when I have to.

And yeah, that. Work. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my work. Sure I’d much rather be writing my own stories, but having the opportunity to bring other stories to life is still so much more enjoyable than the boring retail or fast food job most people my age are stuck with. Let’s delve a bit deeper into work before we move on, though.

I believe I mentioned some time ago that I signed a contract to write for an indie video game company (yay!!), which is one of my primary projects as of now. I PROMISE I’ll post more information on it when the time comes, but for now that’s all I’m going to say. On top of this I have several novel projects on the go– three to be exact– and two more prospective ones that may be coming within the week, looking to be completed before the new year.

I swear, I’m busy. So busy that I’ve barely been able to find time to read before going to bed each night, so busy that I can hardly enjoy the time I spend playing games because I’m trying to get as much studying out of it as possible before I move on to something else.

There’s even more than that! I’ve registered for several online courses (since I don’t believe myself currently in the proper state of mind to attend real university) that I’ve planned to use to enlighten me on several subjects I’m interested in, such as deeper into the musings of Shakespeare, learning more about the ocean, and even about psychology and how the mind works. One course that I registered for- and I’m quite thankful that I have- even cost me a hefty sum of $600. I know that the skills I’ll gain from completing it will be much more valuable than the money (otherwise I wouldn’t have registered!) but I just feel so terrible that I haven’t been able to work on that so much either…


Then there’s NaNoWriMo. I planned on coming back from California and picking it up at full speed to complete on time. Sure, I did… I completed the 50,000 words within the last 13 days of the month… but only about three hundred of those words were toward my own book. That’s rather depressing to think about, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve had a busier month before this November, and though I’m only a couple days into December, I’ve got the feeling that it’ll be much worse. Work, work, work, work, work. When will it ever end?

I say oh well. Things’ll sort themselves out sooner rather than later, and if I’m not capable of finishing the second draft of my book this month as planned, then you can bet that I’ll be working on fixing myself a regular working, writing, and being Erynn schedule that’ll hopefully get me doing everything that I need to get done without a worry. It’ll probably be with less sleep, though. 😦

The first thing I’m going to do is to return to updating this blog weekly. I promise you that! I’ve already got posts for the next three weeks sorted out!


So I Guess I’ve Graduated…

That was about a week ago now. Time flies, huh? I’ve finally eliminated my overtly hectic schedule and everything’s pretty much back to normal. The only thing that’s still pending is the big move… complications came up and we’ve got a bit of a delay. Shouldn’t be too long though. 🙂

But yeah, I guess I graduated. Am I supposed to feel any different? Because I really don’t. I don’t really feel excited or accomplished, I’m not particularly proud of myself or anything… it really feels like just another day has passed. One more small obstacle in the pool of things that are in my way. The only thing I could really say I’m ‘happy’ about is that I no longer need to spend an obscene amount of time trying to please other people. Now that school is over, I can dedicate all of my time to pleasing myself, and discovering who I actually am so that can happen. Big dream, eh? Since I don’t want to do much more than write and a bit of travelling in the next year and a half, I don’t think there’s much for me to be worrying about. 🙂

Anyway, the year’s second Camp NaNoWriMo started four days ago. I actually forgot about it on July 1st and only started on the 2nd… but I’ve had a good track record with writing the last month or so, so I don’t foresee any issues with catching up (plus, a day is like nothing, anyway). I’ve got a very specific goal for this NaNo: COMPLETE the 2nd draft of Taichiren’s Heart. It’ll be a big push, but with little in my way to stop me from reaching it, at the very least I’ll be able to get a big chunk of it done. After all, this goal isn’t about achieving it, it’s about putting the effort into it… … and, well, reaching that 50,000 word mark!

Lets see… non-writing developments… I’ve started the process of building my new computer. I don’t think I actually mentioned that before, did I? Well I’m a big gamer and I’m sick of breaking dinky laptops, so since I’ve got  a job and won’t need to be moving around so much once I get my own place, it’s time to throw some money to get myself a decent machine. Going for an uber gaming machine that’s only moderately priced. I think I calculated that it would cost about $1700 or so for the computer itself, so not including any other gadgets I want to get to go along with it… (like this fancy Steelseries mouse I bought. Dayum it’s so much better than the crap I was using before).

Okay, that’s all for today guys. Look forward to resumed almost daily posts by Erynn from here on out! Love you all.