A Classic, to Me

Of course, I’m talking about Spyro the dragon. The Spyro franchise is one of my all time favourite videogames; a nostalgia goldmine, a fun game, and the challenge of trying to remember how the hell you work a damned PS2 (those controls are damned awful).

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I were bored and wanted something to do. I suggested we play Spyro! And he was like, “Spyro? What’s that?” you bet I told him what Spyro was all about, went and set up the lonely, dusty PS2 in my basement and threw in a Spyro disc. We ran into a lot of problems (that’s something we just can’t seem to help with when it comes to almost anything).

First off we couldn’t find my favourite game, so we had to settle with one of the sub-par knockoffs. Second, I didn’t have any functional memory cards, so we just played that game for a bit so he could get an idea of what it was about (he loved it!). Then we decided it was time to get set up for some real Spyro. He ordered us a memory card off of Ebay, and I went on a mad hunt to find the right Spyro game (the exact name is escaping me at the moment, but I think it was something like Year of the Dragon).

Two weeks later we were set and ready to go! We popped that sucker in the ancient PS2, plugged in the brand new memory card, and off we went… or, well, not. The disc was broken and couldn’t be used anymore. Long story short, we had to buy ourself a new copy (damn that was expensive).

Annndd…. we’ve yet to play it. I’ve been dying to do so since we went and bought it, but I haven’t been at home much since then so we’ve had no chance to try. I’m hoping that once we finally move out (yeah we’ve had issues with that, too, go figure) we’ll have everything in one spot and nothing left to stop us! Grr…. I doubt it. The likely scenario states that we’ll maybe get to play 5 minutes in the next year, but I suppose 5 minutes is better than none.

Have any of you guys played the original Spyro games before? What were your thoughts on them? If you haven’t considered trying them out but have a functional PS1/PS2, you should totally try them out!