A Japanese Journal

I’ve been considering for a while getting a journal for me to write exclusively in Japanese since I want to get into using the language regularly and improving upon my use of grammar, kanji, etc. When I first had this idea, I was pretty sure I had an extra notebook laying around and went to go look for it, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. So, for the last couple weeks, I’ve been thinking about buying a nice cute one that’s actually Japanese and uses Japanese inside the notebook.

What I ended up getting was a Hobonichi Techo, a planner, not a notebook, but one that has note pages. Since I was considering getting a handwritten planner anyway, I figured this would be a really good in-between and guarantee that I’ll actually use it. I’ll post pictures of the one I got on Instagram once it arrives– it should be here in the next couple of days. 🙂



The Notebook

So today I’m going to do something different; sorry everyone, it’s still about writing. Deal with it.

For today’s blog post that you’ve all been waiting eagerly for… I’m going to give you a glimpse into the mind of the crazy Erynn. Scary, right? You’ll probably become crazy just looking at how crazy I am. How am I going to do this, you ask? Well, by showing you my notebook, of course!

Warning: Below images are not meant for those who have rational minds


This is the outside of my notebook. Purple is my favourite colour, so of course my notebook is also purple. Naturally, there are also birds, and if you couldn’t tell, my cat tried to eat it. There are holes and scratch marks all over the cover because of that little shit.



In case someone didn’t understand that reading my notebook is a bad idea, here’s a warning that I actually wrote at the front.



A bit of a glimpse at some notes for a sci-fi novel. It’s kinda discarded, but I think I’d still like to write about it in the future sometime. It has a lot to do with mental illnesses, other diseases (such as HIV), and biology. My boyfriend helped me with this idea, we were going to write it together but then we both got super busy and it was dropped.

(Yes, I wrote two sentences per line. Hush.)



Here are some old notes on Taichiren’s Heart. Most of these are really outdated (I suggest not reading Kristinn’s profile if you don’t want spoilers, though!)

For example, though, here I have Kristinn listed as 16 or 17. I decided that I’d make her 23 instead, because her story isn’t really fit for a teenager at all, plus I don’t really want to be associated with writing YA (because I don’t. She’ll probably get made even older later and have her back story revamped). Another example of things that have changed from this list is that Dezeras isn’t a Prince of elves any more, he’s the God of Order and the Raiya.

There’s also a quick list of some characters here, but it’s far from all of them. Let’s see, there’s Nefalyra, Tael’rah, Amora, Dezeras, Suvas, Naza, Lifa, Kristinn, Ireiss, Dyndara, James, Eldjcer, Mydeth, Laecsam, Del’sero, Khohal and Vers. Yeah I’ve probably got about 20 more listed in the book somewhere, ranging from important to very minor.



Here’s a small map. I haven’t really changed the location of anything that much, I’ve just moved Esterel (the main human city) a bit to the left, closer to the ocean. Every city listed here besides Aelhurst (which is v’yeran) belongs to the humans. Elves have no land settlements in Valvrae.

Maybe I’ll take some more pictures later, but this should give you a bit of an idea of how insane I am. I hope you guys liked it!