Nevernight by Jay Kristoff was such a good book that I ended up writing an essay on it for my second-year creative writing class. A quick look at the blurb and you immediately think “super cliche” (female assassin bent on vengeance, school of assassins, etc) and I thought this too when I first saw it, but I picked it up anyway because I loved the cover.

Honestly, my essay was probably garbage (it hasn’t been graded yet…) but I went into a lot of detail about the characterization of Mia Corvere, the protagonist, and her experiences. I thought the detail that went into her development was astounding (even more so that I was able to identify a lot of it) and that’s what sparked the idea for my essay.

I’d suggest the book to anyone who likes fantasy, specifically in the young adult/ grimdark subgenre. For most advanced readers you might see a lot of the plot mechanics clicking about as the story progresses, but I found the writing itself very good, so it’s still worth the read.

I hope someone else decides to pick it up. It’s definitely one of my new favourites. šŸ™‚



Emperor of Thorns

I started reading Emperor of Thorns right after I finishedĀ King of Thorns. I guess that doesn’t sound like a big deal– but considering I readĀ Prince of Thorns in the summer of 2014, the fact that there was no lag in the completion of the third book made processing information received in the second and made significant in the third much simpler.

Anyway, as always, this is a no spoiler post. I’m just sharing some of my thoughts on the book without revealing much about the content.

Something I’ve had an interest in for a very long time is necromancy, but I believe theĀ Broken Empire is the first series that I’ve had the pleasure of reading that includes the concept. Its presence was minimal in the first book, became much more interesting in the second book, and in the third, we read part of the book through the point of view of a necromancer. I was a little surprised that we read something from someone other than Jorg’s perspective, and though it was a little strange at first, I eventually got used to it and enjoyed it.

In enjoyed it so much that about two-thirds through the book I read a passage that made theĀ whole story click. Bits and pieces of the story that I hadn’t paid much mind to before then suddenly made sense, and though I liked that I was able to guess something that was going to happen before it did, it spoiled the ending for me. I was two-thirds through the book and already had an idea of how the book would end. Well, that sucked, but I still read it through and found some things that surprised me.

Overall I enjoyed the final book of the series and the series as a whole. The adventure was much different than most of the other books that I’ve read though I can’t say that I’m particularly well-read in the fantasy genre at the moment. I look forward to reading Mark Lawrence’s next series though I doubt I’ll get to it this year.

Have any of you finished the Broken Empire Trilogy? What did you think about it?


King of Thorns

…Wow, okay. This is actually the only book I’ve read in the last eight months.

I didn’t stop reading because I wanted to, but more because I didn’t really feel like reading. September to December of 2014 was an odd time for me. I just moved away from my parent’s house, I was still worried about how far I was going to get as a freelance writer, things like that. My focus was on things that didn’t involve picking up a book to read, basically.

Anyway, none of that really matters. I’m going to talk about the book– but no worries, I won’t spoil anything.

This is the second book in Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire Trilogy. I read the first book,Ā Prince of Thorns, sometime last summer, when my boyfriend bought it to have something to read while travelling. He and I already knew about the series at that point, so it wasn’t just a random pick. We already determined that we both wanted to read it.

I actually found the book extremely pleasant. I’m not the tamest of people– I love myself some blood and gore– so don’t take me calling the book pleasant as reading it was a relaxing stroll through a meadow. No, there was actually a scene that made me cringe (in a good way). I’m one of those people who think out and picture the world and what happens in it, so, yeah. Sometimes fight scenes and things like that can be a little painful.

Not going into much detail, overall, I liked the book. It was incredibly refreshing to read a piece of fiction that I wasn’t being paid to edit (though I admit, sometimes turning that inner editor off while reading is difficult). It was dark (and I would hope so, seeing that people seem to be categorizing it as ‘grimdark’), rather short, and added a little excitement to my Easter weekend.

Have any of you read King of Thorns? What are your thoughts on it?