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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Many people dream of writing their own novel, and the rise of self-publishing has made it infinitely easier to release stories into the world. What some don’t consider, however, is that while there are now multiple paths to publication, the process of writing a quality novel is no different.

Traditional publishers are strict about the quality of novels they accept, and it’s my firm belief that standards should remain the same regardless of whether you choose to self-publish or go the traditional route. Writing a book is a long, laborious process full of rewriting, editing, and discovery. Taking shortcuts when self-publishing only results in adding another novel to the pool of unprofessional books that plague the self-publishing market.

If you’re here, though, I suspect you don’t want to take shortcuts– you want your novel to be the best it can be.

Within the Fantasy and Science Fiction Genres, I can…

  • Expand upon established or semi-established story ideas in the area of character, plot, or world, and turn those ideas into completed short stories or novels
  • Create intricate plot arcs involving a variety of different characters and content
  • Build life-like characters from the ground up
  • Theorycraft and implement expansive worlds, including but not limited to different cultures, fantastical races, magic systems, and world history
  • Weave all of the above into an engaging fantasy or science fiction novel or short story

Contact Information

As of now, my portfolio is out-of-date and in the process of being reworked. Please contact me directly for writing samples in the meantime.

Email: erynn.lehtonen@gmail.com

Skype: tabeteiru


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