Early Spring Cleaning

I decided a couple of days ago that I’ve got too much shit and that I need to get rid of stuff. I don’t know what exactly I’m going to get rid of just yet, just that I’ve got a lot of useless junk that I’m never going to use. And all that stuff is taking up space.

I decided that I’d start with some of my old YA books and some video games that I don’t play anymore (or intend to play ever again). The hope is that I’ll be able to sell some of them for some much needed $$$, but who knows if that’ll end up happening. I might just need to donate them somewhere if I want to get rid of them. After that, I’ve got some old toys and collector’s items that I might be able to sell off at some point, so that seems like the next step to take.

Once those are all gone, I’ve got boxes of random shit everywhere that I need to sort through. I’ll either need to find a practical use for or decide whether to throw them out or donate them somewhere. I’ve got some stuff that I know I’d use if they surfaced and were put somewhere that I could access, and then there’s plenty of other stuff that I’ll probably never use and there’s no point having. The problem is that there’s so much of it.

I wish I could just spend a whole day sorting through stuff to get it over with, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time for that right now. Even during the short break I get from university next week, I’ve got shit that I need to keep on top of every day. Preparing for mid-terms, reinforcing my Japanese, writing, drawing, etc, so I simply won’t have the chance to take a whole day off just to clean and stuff. So instead, I’m just gonna spend a bit of time every day doing what I can, sorting through a box here and there, setting some things aside, whatever I do have the time for. That way I’m making a little bit of progress at a time, and it’ll get done sooner rather than later.




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