The Crown

I really hate it when I like a mediocre book or series and then it ends up letting me down. The crown is the final book in the second part of The Selection series, where the protagonist’s daughter from the original series is kind of put in her mother’s position– she’s gotta pick a husband to quell the masses (somehow that’s a thing).

There was one character I was rooting for from the start, one who seemed really unlikely to win, but seemed to be having some good luck due to some circumstances in the story. It’s possible that there was some foreshadowing in the book before The Crown that I missed (or couldn’t remember because I read it so long ago), but the guy I was rooting for ended up not getting picked, and some other character that seemed to jump through the rankings out of the blue ended up winning instead.

Feels pretty unsatisfying to me. I don’t know, I guess maybe it was the right ending for the book, but the way it played out seemed cheap and ill-thought out. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t dedicated to keeping these posts spoiler-free because for a book like this I’d really like to rant on and on about what I think should have been done instead, but alas, that can’t really be done without mentioning details… and besides, I didn’t write it, so I feel pretty silly to want to actually go through the process of explaining how I think it should have been done.

Anyway, I was pretty disappointed, because the only thing worth reading the series for was the romance, and I liked how two characters had it going. Just didn’t work out how I wanted it, I guess. Oh well. Shit happens.



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