Makeup and Nail Art

This is kind of completely unrelated to anything that I usually post, but I guess this is my blog and I can post whatever I damn well please.

When I was a kid I think I liked makeup. Had one of those silly, enormous makeup kits and used to paint myself all pretty (I probably looked ridiculous) with my sister and stuff. But since then I haven’t really touched it. For a special event here and there I might have used it (I know I wore some eye stuff for prom), but otherwise, makeup was one of those girly things that got thrown away because it took too much effort and I didn’t care about being pretty anyway.

That’s sorta changed recently, I guess. I don’t really have any interest in prettying up my eyes or anything, and lipstick seems like a huge inconvenience, but I don’t think I really need any of that since for some reason I seem to have a pretty decent complexion. I’m not like super ghostly pale or anything anymore, and my lips are in good contrast. I have, however, taken an interest in nail polish. It started about a year ago, I believe, when I bought some just for shits and giggles. I wore it every so often but I was really bad at it so it wasn’t often.

A couple months ago I decided to give it another shot, and I guess it’s kinda fun to paint my nails. I’m still terrible at it, but I am getting better, and I’ve been experimenting with different colours and stuff. I think I mostly like it because it keeps my hands busy for a while, and when I’ve got paint drying on them I can’t really do anything with my hands anyway.

What I really wanted to say, though, is that the other day I bought myself some white nail polish because I figured why not. So I painted my nails and it looked great (even though this time the painting was a multi-hour process because I fucked up so many times). I kept the paint on for a couple days, but at some point I was sitting at my desk, writing in my notebook with a gel pen, and I wasn’t sure what to write and just ended up drawing on my nails. I was like woooaahh what a great idea! So now I’ve decided that I’m totally going to figure out how to not be a total pleb with nail painting so I can make them all super pretty with random pictures and stuff.

There’s a picture of my first attempt on my instagram, which can also be found on the right side of my blog homepage. 🙂



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