A Strange Memory

It was 3:26 PM and I was in one of my two creative writing classes, waiting for the professor to begin the lecture. I was on my phone, listening to music in one ear, listening and observing through the other. 

It was then,  for some reason, when I recall a strange memory back from the days where I actually attended highschool, so perhaps grade 9 or so, of when I was first actually discovering music that I liked– music that actually interested me up until that point had been a foreign concept. 

I listened to mostly J-pop and classical, although I eventually moved on to a playlist that consisted of Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, and Celldweller. I’m now a little more sophisticated in my musical tastes now (and by sophisticated I mean that I don’t usually prefer one genre over another, I’ll really listen to anything that sounds appealing), back then that was my jam. There was a point where I listened to exclusively Owl City but I’m not sure where in the timeline that period of my life existed. 

Anyway, what I actually was thinking about when I started writing this, is that I was sitting in class listening to music and no one gave a shit. I remember in highschool several instances where I got shit from the vice principal for listening to music in the hallway, although this was a time before smartphones dominated the world.

There had to be a half a dozen times where my DS or phone was taken away from me because I wanted to listen to music. I wasn’t even a bad student at this point. I had good grades, attended pretty regularly, and was on good terms with most of the teachers. I only had detention once throughout the whole five years I was there. And still I got shit for listening to music. 

I dunno, I guess I gave up after a while and then eventually I just stopped going to school. I just wonder what it’s like now, does that still happen? Have most schools begun to accept technology? Have adults in a position of power over students finally allowed them to pursue their interests when it doesn’t affect them? 

I guess there wasn’t really any point to this point. Was just an unusual memory that sparked a question I felt like writing about. 



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