Year One: First Term (Part 1)

I probably mentioned at some point that this would be the year I went back to school. But since it’s been so long I don’t see any harm in doing a bit of a recap on why I started so late, on my goals for school, and then I’ll get into my experiences so far this year.

I graduated high school in 2014. Long story short, it was a shit show that resulted in me questioning whether or not I would ever continue my education. I decided that I’d take at least one year off and see where things went and how I felt about going back to school when that time came around. When I made this decision, I’d already been working as a freelance writer for a couple months. I had enough success to be confident that I wouldn’t need to struggle with the anxiety of finding a ‘real job.’It was a struggle for a while, but by Feb 2015 I had pretty much everything figured out

It was a struggle for a while, but by Feb 2015 I had pretty much everything figured out. I had two great clients who I started working with in that January, and I’m still working with them now. I planned on working for another year and putting money away for school, but by the end of 2015 my writing slowed down, and in January 2016 I caved and decided that I’d apply to university and write part-time.

I believe that’s where I left off here on my blog.

Okay, so I’ll let you in on a little secret: When I applied, I really didn’t want to go. The decision was more out of desperation rather than me actually being ready to return to the hordes of clueless people who didn’t have any idea what they wanted to do with their lives. I mean, I’ve had my plans and goals 80% figured out since Grade 11, and really wasn’t looking forward to the ten thousand protests that went something like, “But Erynn, what can you do with a creative writing degree if being an author doesn’t pan out?”

The answer to that is “whatever the hell I want,” because I don’t ever intend to give up on writing, or on becoming an author, or doing whatever makes me happy. Yeah, I guess money is nice, but in the end, I don’t give a shit about raking in the big bucks so long as I’ve got what I need to survive, and I consider writing and sharing stories as a big portion of the survivability scale.

I applied to one university and much to my dismay, I was accepted. This was unexpected because I figured I botched the application, as I had no idea how to answer half of the questions. I ended up just making some reference to my writing or my experiences as a writer wherever I could make it relevant. Guess it worked.

It ended up not being so bad, though. As soon as my acceptance was handled, I hunted down the creative writing degree requirements, the course selection page, and started browsing. Of course, I couldn’t register for any courses until late summer, but I could get an idea of what I wanted to take. The first obstacle I figured I’d need to knock out would be the second language requirement, as I had no interest in taking French (I think the language is alright, but I had some bad experiences with French classes in high school, so I opted to start fresh). I did, however, have a rather high level of enthusiasm to learn Greek/ Latin, but I was disappointed when I found that UBCO does not currently offer those courses.

The only viable alternative– for me, at least– was to take Japanese, which thankfully, is offered. This was the natural conclusion because I’m a bit of a weeb and love anime, manga, Japanese culture, and all that good stuff. So I made the decision to start taking Japanese, even with the prior knowledge that it’s a bitch of a language to learn well. It’s been good so far, but there’s a lot to say about this, so I’ll go into more detail in a separate post at a later date.

I decided to stick to the bare minimum of required credits to still be considered a full-time student, which is 3 classes (9 credits) per semester. So for my first semester, I went for Japanese, a beginner’s Creative Writing, and an English specifically on studying narrative.

This is getting a little long, and I’m only getting to my goals for school and my experiences over the first semester, so this is going to be the first of two posts on this topic. Sorry, I don’t much like splitting posts up, but I don’t want to write an excessive block of text, either.

That’s all for now, then. I’ll fill you guys in on the rest of the story sometime over the weekend.



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