Hey Guys

SO It’s been a long time since my last post.

I never really had any reason to stop posting, maybe it was the lack of motivation or lack of ideas or whatever, but I guess that doesn’t really matter because here I am. I’ve been thinking a lot over the last couple weeks that I’d like to start posting again, mostly to get back into the rhythm of writing something other than fiction every day, and also so I’ve got somewhere to pour out all the thoughts that I’ve collected over the last ten months or so.

At the moment I’m indecisive about what I actually want to do with this blog. It started out as a platform for my writing, but I’ve found it difficult to share details about my stories and worlds and characters when I also want to be cautious to not reveal too much. It then transformed into thought-splurge on general stuff and books, but now… I don’t know. There are lots of things I want to talk about and I don’t think they’ll be all that related. Books, writing, life, people. I guess just shit about Erynn. Maybe that’s something you’re interested in, maybe it’s not. There are some days where I think I’m interesting, so maybe you will too. 🙂

Last time I posted, I had this set up where I tried to keep to a schedule. I tried to stick to writing structured posts that started with a thought and rounded out into some other point or theme, but I felt like those were always exhausting to write because even though I enjoyed writing them, it took a lot of thought and preparation to get those written from start to finish. I’m thinking that I want to continue writing those, but less frequently, and maybe switch to a more casual ‘here are my thoughts’ style of writing.

I suppose that means just about everything is up in the air and we’ll see what happens. The only sure thing is that I’m ready to start posting again!



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