My First Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

My first session of Dungeons and Dragons occurred in early 2015. To be honest, I wanted to try DnD for a long time before then, but it kept getting put off. That was mostly because I didn’t know anyone who currently played the game, and I was pretty nervous about interacting with people I didn’t know, especially when I had no idea how to play.

Thankfully, all but two of six members of our group had never played the game before. I was far from being alone in the awkward moments where I needed to figure out how to respond to a situation, or when I forgot what my damage roll was for the umpteenth time. But, it was a learning experience I will never forget, and so I am here to share that adventure with you today.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with DnD, it’s an older tabletop role-playing game that’s less about accomplishing a goal than telling an exciting story. I believe the game initially started in the Forgotten Realms universe, but those experienced and comfortable enough to explore and expand have always been able to take the ruleset (or even change the rules!) and drop them into an entirely different one, even of their own making. However, now DnD can even be played completely online. There are several websites available that provide you with character sheets, the necessary dice roll systems, and the visuals to accompany the story as it unfolds.

My group played completely online, mostly for the convenience of not needing to be in the same place all at once. Often times we used skype with video and voice chat for easy communication, and also so we could see each others’ expressions as if we were all in the same room.

So, we all joined the virtual tabletop session, but the game hasn’t quite begun yet. Because it was our first time playing together, all of us still needed to make our characters. I took a look at the handbook a while beforehand, but there were a dozen different classes and a dozen more different races, all of which affected your stats and proficiencies, your abilities, what languages you spoke, as well as a plethora of other things. I won’t go into detail this time about how my character came to be, but I ended up with a tiefling (demon/human) warlock named Illixi. She was also 10 years old and 18/20 on the sexy scale. Yeah, that’s kinda weird, but don’t question it.

At first, it was really unclear what we were doing. I was partied with an undead knight, a crazy druid, an alcoholic priest, and a thief who could not stop herself from stealing everything she looked at. Our adventure started somewhere random, where our characters didn’t really know each other yet. Then all of the sudden these flaming skeletons came out of nowhere and we banded together to fight them! Yay.

From there the story developed into a murder mystery that was mostly role-playing with a bit of fighting here and there. It took a while to get used to, but it was fun. There was a lot of banter between our characters and even times where the story veered completely off course (the time where my character went to have a nap in the bed of the house we were investigating, while my companions went out to rob some guy who had just offered to take them partying comes to mind). Unfortunately, the murder was never solved because our group kinda fell apart before we got that far, but shit happens. Afterwards, I went on to create my own group with some of my old high school classmates, though that group kinda fell apart after a couple months too.

I still want to play DnD and have had thoughts of starting up again, so if there’s anyone out there who wants to give it a shot… maybe shoot me a message!

Have any of you played DnD before? What was your first adventure like?





One thought on “My First Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

  1. I actually started playing earlier this year and I’m joining a second session starting next Tuesday! A friend of mine is planning to eventually do regular one-off sessions with whoever can make it so maybe we can play it together that way at some point if the timing works out next time youre in Van!!


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