Clockwork Princess

I must have bought the book whenever it came out, in 2013 or something. I swear, when I made my reading list last year, I thought I’d already read it. I had to double and triple check. It seemed that I’d bought a collecter’s first edition… but never opened it. Oops.

I finally got around to reading it last year, probably in December or so. I’d always enjoyed the shadowhunter books, even if they were very YA, there’s just something about them that appeals to me. That stands for this series as well, The Infernal Devices.

To be honest, I was lost for a little while when I started reading. It’d been a while since I read the first two books, and the opening, considering I couldn’t remember that much about the series of events that led up to the end of the second book, seemed completely unrelated to the story. Later of course, I caught on and went on my merry way to enjoyment.

Tessa, the protagonist, has always struck me as a strange character. A lot more about her history is explained in this book, which is good, but I’m finding it really difficult to pinpoint why I still feel this way, despite having finished the book. It’s not that I particularly think Tessa is a BAD character… I wouldn’t say that she’s ‘strong’, but there’s nothing wrong with that; not all females characters should be written to be feisty and independent because realistically not all women are that way.

It’s very possible that I missed something in the books, or that I just don’t remember things the right way, but I guess what I’m thinking is that I find it odd that she’s so afraid to use her powers. Sure, she might not really understand it and she was forced to learn how to use them against her will, but she’s also been with the shadowhunters for some time at this point, and she quite clearly wants to help them.

Well, that’s my two cents at least. I didn’t mind too much, in the end,  because she ended up pulling through in an unpredictable way, even if the ending itself was what I expected. A decent read overall, I’m glad to have that series at a close so I can move onto the next one.

Have any of you read Clockwork Princess? Have any thoughts of your own to share?



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