The New Year

2015 was a slow blogging year for me. There were months where I had lots of ideas and wanted to write a bunch of posts, but then there were months where I had no motivation to do any at all.

I’m really not one to make definite new years’ resolutions, but I do like to make an effort each year to make the next one better than the last. So, I do have a couple ideas for what I would like to improve upon for the months and years to come.

Blogging is a big one. I’ve always meant it to be a platform for me to grow off of, be that by learning new things, sharing my thoughts, meeting new people, but I’ve struggled to put as much effort into it as needed in order to achieve those things. So, as of 2016, I’ll be writing up a minimum of one blog post per week, and hopefully from there I can get brave enough to reach out to other bloggers.

The only other thing I really want to work on is reading. This last year I really didn’t make time to read as much as I wanted to, even though I had plenty of time to read if I’d made the effort to. So, maybe in 2016 I’ll actually manage to read 50 or so books…

Besides that, I’m open to discover what other aspects of my life and habits need work. As the new year progresses, I’ll definitely find things to work on, but I’m counting on finding those things and not setting my goals right from the start.

What about you guys? Do you have any plans of improvement set up for 2016, maybe even some new years’ resolutions that you want to share?



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