The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

I never played any of the other Witcher games, hadn’t even heard of them until a while before I bought my PS4. In part, I guess you could say that hearing about an “amazing” fantasy game on the PS4 was also part of why I bought one in the first place.

Regardless, I bought the game on the same day as I bought the PS4, even though I didn’t touch it for a while. The story itself is rather simple: You play as Geralt, a Witcher, and you’re searching for Ciri, a young woman he regards as a daughter.

If you just consider the main plot… the story itself is pretty linear. You go look for Ciri, you find Ciri, you help Ciri. But the game really isn’t about the main story, I feel, at least in comparison to other games. You’re supposed to be Geralt… doing what he would do, as a Witcher, in order to survive while working toward the ‘ultimate’ goal of locating and assisting Ciri.

When I say that you’re doing what Geralt would do, I mean side-quests. I can say with great confidence that I’ve never played a game (besides perhaps some MMOS) that has so much diversity in within the side quests and other optional missions. Not only does completing these side quests give you more information about minor and major characters, it also affects how some characters interact with you, and can change the options and goals of other quests. For example, there are several optional quests that change how your characters go about achieving your goals in the main story, which I thought was rather interesting.

My favourite part about the game, however, was how choice was implemented. Of course, a lot of RPGs these days are coming out with a lot more opportunities for the player to pick and choose the things they say and the actions they make. In the Witcher, I found myself often saving the game and re-loading it to go back and see the consequences of the different choices you could make. Usually there were quests where you had the option to kill a character or not, and how the story progressed from there depended on which you chose.

Of course, there were also sillier choices you could make, as well. There was one part of the story where you had to decide whether or not to get drunk. I chose the latter, and oh my, the trouble Geralt got into that night…

Have any of you played the Witcher III, on any system? What are your thoughts?



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