Eona: The Last Dragoneye

Eona is the final book of the two-part series, Eon. Like the first book, I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite it having a bit of a slow start. The level of discovery I felt in this novel was akin to the first, although it was for a different aspect of the book. Let me explain.

In Eon, there was a lot of discovery regarding Eona herself, the world, and its politics. I found all of these, tied together, very enjoyable to read about. But in Eona, things are mixed up a bit. Instead I found myself learning a lot about how the world’s magic worked, Eona’s magic in particular, and developed an interest in the development of her relationships with others (romantic and otherwise).

Through the first half of the book, everything was very promising. I couldn’t put it down. But near the last half… *sigh* I felt as if I were let down a bit. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can really explain without spoilers, and since I don’t want to provide any, what it comes down to is the direction of the story.

I really liked Eona’s relationship with Ido in particular. It developed exceptionally well throughout the book, until about half-way through where I felt things went sour. Excellent characterization and development kind of went down the drain, replaced with some cliche bullshit I really was surprised to see. In the end, because of all of this, I found the ending very predictable. Not exactly a favourable end to what started as a splendid journey.

All of that said, however, the series was still a fun read. I’m glad that I happened to pick it up and that I ended up reading it.

Have any of you read Eona? What are your thoughts on it, most notably how it ended?



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