How I Became A Writer

My earliest memories of writing are from Elementary school. I don’t remember much about those days, honestly, but I know it’s where my road to becoming a writer started.

During school, I would sometimes go out of class with the counselor to write stories. Well, this would have been over 10 years ago now, so she would have done the writing and I would have been telling her what to write. I don’t have any of those stories now, nor do I remember what they were about… but I can imagine that they were cute and innocent stories, much unlike what I write now. Still, the memories are there, and I think that’s what’s important.

Fast forward to middle school, where I wrote my first book. It was crap, of course, as is most 11-year-olds’ writing, but it was mine. I think I wrote a bit about this event on my blog before, but I’ll recap regardless.

I didn’t attend much during middle school. I was “sick”. But I still did my school work from home and handed it in when I actually did go to class. I had an English assignment where we were to write a short story. Nothing fancy, just a short story. But I wrote a couple pages and then just kept going and going and going… and I handed that in as my “short” story. Hah. My teacher wasn’t offended, though, fortunately enough. In fact, he wanted to nurture my desire, and what he called talent, so it was something I continued to pursue in the future. So with him and one of the teachers’ assistants, I worked on the computer to expand on the story, though it never really got anywhere.

At the start of highschool, where I got big into anime, I started writing fan fiction. I don’t want to talk much about it… as everything I wrote was terrible and is still out there on the internet for people to see. NO I will not willingly show it to anyone.

Around grade 10 was when I finally had the opportunity to take an art course. I excelled at the sketches, didn’t bother doing much else. I would draw, but when I ran out of things to do or got bored of drawing, I would write. That’s where I wrote my second novel. I still have the original draft and it’s something I want to rewrite in the future, but I don’t foresee me getting into that for a long time. It’s story about magic, desire, and death.

Finally, at the start of grade 11 is when I started getting serious. My boyfriend dabbled in some writing, mostly for his English classes, but he had a few pieces that I found rather interesting. Most notably, he wrote a scene (I’m hard-pressed to actually call it a story, but I’ll explain that in a moment) about a warrior who met a she-demon. She showed the warrior a future, captivated him, and took him as one of her followers. It didn’t take me long to discover the story was about our relationship. I was the she-demon, he was the warrior. This story is something I want to go into more detail in a blog post sometime in the future, so I won’t say much more about the story than that. Regardless, from there, I wanted to take that piece that he wrote and turn it into a book. And we did, somewhat. Together, him and I wrote about 15 chapters about the demoness and the warrior. This is something we wanted to continue writing together, but it became impossible because of school and the fact that him and I wrote at completely different paces. This is something that I’ll probably finish in the future. There’s an interesting story behind this, so stay tuned for a post about it.

November that same year is where I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time. I barfed up another novel, what I’ve often referred to as Taichiren’s Heart, which ended at about 97,000 words first draft, my longest manuscript yet. I knew it was bad (I had learned much by writing it, but still had much to learn), but I finished it with the hope of rewriting it after letting it sit until the summer. I wrote out an outline for the second draft, but I never really got around to doing it. So, there is book #3 that I want to go back to and rewrite into something publishable.

About half way through grade 12 was when I gave up on all my plans to do something other than writing. I think I intended to do some network security thing, but in the end, I really didn’t think it was me. Writing was. So February 2014 I opened my doors as a freelance writer and over the year took on several projects. I struggled at first, but over time I figured out what I was doing, and by the time it mattered I was making enough off my writing to live.

I think my history is a bit colourful, even though I didn’t really consider myself a writer until just before my first NaNoWriMo.  But now you know how I became one.

What about you guys? How did you guys become writers?




4 thoughts on “How I Became A Writer

  1. HI Sweetheart,

    The teacher would type as you were telling the story and you would usually draw a picture on it later. I do have some packed away somewhere. Your stories, almost 80% of the time, reflected on what you were going through. Here’s my favorite memory:

    You wrote about how you lived in a rose bush with your friends, a bee and a lizard, and a huge raven who perched on top to warn of danger. People would say, ‘ don’t go in the roses, they’ll hurt you, cut you with their thorns’, and you told them ‘no, I’m the safest place I can be in the arms of the rose bush’.

    Your councillor always put a little note, this one saying it was a nice story, but she didn’t understand it. Do you?

    Love you


    • I’d love to see what you have saved if you are up for sending them to me. As for the story about the rose bush, I’m going to say it had something to do with dad, as he had tattoos with a raven, lizard, and lots of roses. I’m pretty sure there was a bumble bee, too.


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