Atlas Shrugged

Ugh, where do I begin?

I started reading Atlas Shrugged in September 2014. I read the first couple hundred pages relatively fast, but the further I got in, the longer my breaks between reading sessions became. I officially gave up on the book in June this year, at about 600 pages through.

The book came as a disappointment to me, especially as I enjoyed one of Ayn Rand’s other books, The Fountainhead. Like that book, Atlas Shrugged is a story weaved around a philosophical viewpoint that questions the way society is run. I won’t go into too much detail as that’s something you’ll come to understand if you read the book yourself, but personally I didn’t mind the statement the book tried to make. I thought it was very true, even in the year 2015.

My issues were with the story itself and the way the book’s philosophy was presented within it. Instead of finding eloquent ways to portray these thoughts, it felt like a really good example of the author shoving theirĀ beliefs down the reader’s throat. The characters would constantly go on and on about some philosophical standpoint and it got really boring really fast.

Plus, I found the writing very mediocre. So much redundant information and repetition. I think the book could have easily been finished at about 600 pages that I managed to read instead of the 1000 it ended up being.

What do you guys think about Atlas Shrugged?



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