The Starbucks Lady

About a month ago I left my house for the first time in a while– I had pretty much been hibernating and because I work from home, I didn’t have much reason to leave the house.

Anyway, I think I ended up going out because my boyfriend wanted to get ice cream or something. I didn’t really want to leave, but I knew I hadn’t been out in a while, so I hesitantly agreed.

We’re walking down to Dairy Queen and on the way we have to pass one of those plazas with a bunch of stores. There’s a pharmacy there, and since we needed something from there anyway, I was pretty happy to walk in and get it while we were out.

So we get what we need and are coming out… And we’re one or two stores down from the Starbucks, but I see the sign. I think to myself “you know, I wouldn’t mind some Starbucks right now” so I convince my boyfriend to get some with me instead of ice cream.

This is unusual for us because we’re the kind of people who would rather burn a $5 bill than go to Starbucks, but I don’t really have anything against the place. So we go in and I order a caramel something frapp and he gets some iced lemonade or whatever. Doesn’t really matter.

While we wait we’re making small talk with the cashier (who we later determined had to be Australian) and I offhandedly mentioned that it was the first time I’ve been outside in a month since I work from home. She asks what I do, and I of course respond by saying I’m a ghostwriter… I write books for people. She actually seemed pretty interested and asked a bit more.

I walked out of that Starbucks feeling very satisfied. It’s not often that a complete stranger takes an interest in the fact that I’m a writer, so it really made my day.

Has anything as small as this made your day before?



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