Do You Re-read Novels?

There are hundreds of new books published every year, many of which we will never read. At least a dozen of them are added to my to-read list, which is already over three hundred books big.

I’ve been reading fifty or less books per year, and last year I read a grand total of twelve. If I ever get to the end of the list, it will be many years from now.

It’s true that a lot of the books I read I enjoy immensely. Many of the ones that I truly like I think about for days after I’ve finished reading. Even once the newly-finished-book phase ends, I think back on them from time to time.

But there’s only one book I’ve ever had the urge to re-read.

I can definitely understand the desire to re-enter worlds you love and follow your favourite character’s adventures. There are many I’d love to explore again from a different perspective, but with the amount of books out there and the new ones that are always coming out, I don’t believe re-reading books is practical.

It’s simply better to remember that world as it was when you initially read it. If you really need to jump back into the book, there are alternative ways to do it. You could re-read certain passages or chapters that you liked in particular, or visit fan forums that discuss the books.

Personally I don’t do any of this, but I’d do it before I made the decision to re-read an entire book.

That’s my stance on this, at least. I don’t plan to re-read a book any time soon.

What about you guys? Do you re-read books?



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