Hardcovers or Paperback?

It’s hard to say if I have a preference. A lot of the books that I own are in paperback simply because they are much cheaper to buy hard copies of, and more often than not take up significantly less room. However, I do know of lots of people who collect their favourite series in hardcover because they look much nicer on a shelf and do more to support the authors.

What about you? Do you prefer hardcover or paperback novels?



5 thoughts on “Hardcovers or Paperback?

  1. Hardcover does look nicer, but paperback is cheaper (as you said). I don’t mind either one, but I will admit that I think it’s easier to have hardcover of lengthy novels and paperback of shorter ones. I think they’re just easier to hold that way.


    • I agree. Hardcovers can be tiresome to hold, however, though like you said they are better for larger books. I find this is because the longer a paperback novel is the likelier you are to damage the spine (something I care much about). Thanks for your comment!


      • Even short books I find the spines don’t hold well. Unless they are read a certain way it is still possible to break them. Unfortunately I believe it is within a book’s nature to not stay open when you would have it so, haha.


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