King of Thorns

…Wow, okay. This is actually the only book I’ve read in the last eight months.

I didn’t stop reading because I wanted to, but more because I didn’t really feel like reading. September to December of 2014 was an odd time for me. I just moved away from my parent’s house, I was still worried about how far I was going to get as a freelance writer, things like that. My focus was on things that didn’t involve picking up a book to read, basically.

Anyway, none of that really matters. I’m going to talk about the book– but no worries, I won’t spoil anything.

This is the second book in Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire Trilogy. I read the first book, Prince of Thorns, sometime last summer, when my boyfriend bought it to have something to read while travelling. He and I already knew about the series at that point, so it wasn’t just a random pick. We already determined that we both wanted to read it.

I actually found the book extremely pleasant. I’m not the tamest of people– I love myself some blood and gore– so don’t take me calling the book pleasant as reading it was a relaxing stroll through a meadow. No, there was actually a scene that made me cringe (in a good way). I’m one of those people who think out and picture the world and what happens in it, so, yeah. Sometimes fight scenes and things like that can be a little painful.

Not going into much detail, overall, I liked the book. It was incredibly refreshing to read a piece of fiction that I wasn’t being paid to edit (though I admit, sometimes turning that inner editor off while reading is difficult). It was dark (and I would hope so, seeing that people seem to be categorizing it as ‘grimdark’), rather short, and added a little excitement to my Easter weekend.

Have any of you read King of Thorns? What are your thoughts on it?



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