Some of you have probably heard about it already, but for those of you who haven’t, don’t fret. Today I’m going to talk about Crowfall, a game that’s recently popped up on kickstarter and has already raised over 1 million dollars.

I’ve always loved MMOs and games that I can play with my friends, be it some PvE adventure game or some kind of PVP game. Sure I haven’t always joined a game specifically to play it with friends, but even with as anti-social as I am, I do find people I enjoy playing with and that I continue to play with.

I pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 a couple months before its release, with the intention of playing alone. Instead, however, I ended up discovering that a few people I knew in real life were also planning on playing it (one of which is still my boyfriend to this day) and joined up with them instead. I had a guild, some people to talk to and group with, but still plenty of time to do my own thing. A bit of both worlds, really.

Anyway, onto Crowfall. It’s a new, upcoming MMO that I’ve been dying to get my hands on since the moment I heard of it. It’s PVE, PVP, and I guess a little simulation (all my favourites). The world is completely made out of voxels– so like minecraft, you can destroy anything! You get your own homeworld that you can build up and control (and invite other players to live there!), and inside the Campaigns, there’s open world PvP (depending on the mode) that kinda reminds me of my PKing days on Ragnarok Online. What’s not to love?

One thing I’m especially looking forward to is the class system. From the looks of it, it’s not going to be a simple class selection. You get to pick a class, which is essentially an archetype like a mage or a tank, but at some point (it’s not clear if you pick it at the start or after a certain level) you can turn into something that takes the essence of the class you’ve chosen, and specialize in something specific. The example given on the Kickstarter page is the Knight, which can change into a Swordsman (a tank), a Crusader (a melee DPS) or a Sentinel (Ranged Specialist). It doesn’t mention whether or not you can switch between these or if the choice matters– but personally, I hope you can’t switch. That would make it so unless you plan on buying a billion character slots to have every class with every sub-class, which classes and sub-classes you choose will be very important.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say about this. I’m really excited for this game, and though I haven’t backed it yet, I definitely will be before the Kickstarter ends.

Anyone else looking to play Crowfall? If you are, you should totally hit me up so we can play together or something when it comes out. 🙂



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