California Adventure

Hi everyone!

Last week I mentioned that I was leaving to California for a bit of a vacation. I’m currently half way through my expedition into America, and I have to say things haven’t gone quite as I expected them to.

Expected being horribly wrong. You may recall my experiences on my road trip to the Yukon- terrible. I’m somewhat pleased to say that nothing has gone sour yet. Saying that, hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself into a horrible death a couple days from now… or today. I’m going to a theme park pretty soon here, and I’m not going to count a gruesome end on one of the rides (or the way there!) out of the equation. Gotta be ready for everything, right?

Speaking of being ready for everything, that’s totally what I DIDN’T do for this trip. Sure nothing has gone completely out of hand… but I was hoping to still get a fair chunk of writing done before returning home. Not just work writing… my own writing, as it is NaNoWriMo right now and I said I’d finish that second draft by the end of the year! For the original draft I wrote it all in Google Docs, but once I picked up Scrivener last year, I started using that for most of my new projects. Since I considered rewriting the second draft a “new” project, I decided to do it on Scrivener. Unfortunately… this is my first trip somewhere without my laptop. I’m using my boyfriend’s new spiffy gaming laptop because he’s awesome and said I should be able to play games if I wanted while I’m gone (so kind :D).

Sooo… what that means for me is that my Scrivener save files are on my other computers… and not this one. Sure it’s all in dropbox and hence also available for me to access online, but using another computer means I’d need to re download everything, get the files, and then transfer the new files to my computer once I’m back home. Sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’ve been feeling so lazy over the past week that it’s pretty much been added to the list of “Things I’m Never Going to Do to Be More Productive”. Thankfully that’s not actually a long list, but I still find it amusing that I have one in the first place.

One last thing. I think I’ve made up my mind! When I get back from California, I’m going to hop into NaNo and get a writin’. Nothing wrong with starting 16 days late!

That’s all for now; see you all next week!



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