NaNoWriMo Approaches

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novel Writing Month. This will be my second year participating in the November NaNo, and if you’ve read some of my previous NaNo posts, you likely know my thoughts on the event.

Regardless, here’s a bit of a recap.

The novel that I’m currently working on as a personal project started as a NaNo novel. Once upon it was a short story, and then a stand alone, and now its worked its way into a four or five novel series. And, I’d like to thank NaNo for giving me a reason to write and a way to show me that I’m capable of achieving great things. Since last year I’ve completed the entire first draft of the first novel, part of the first draft for the second novel, and have thought up a bunch of other large plot points for the rest of the series. I’ve been taking my writing seriously and have become a paid fiction ghostwriter.

So you could say that my experience with NaNo and Camp NaNo has been positive. I was planning on participating this year… but, well, I’m thinking that it’s going to be a bit unrealistic. Things may change a bit later in the month, but as things stand, I’m a bit consumed with work writing and would much rather dedicate my NaNo efforts to my own writing. That’s not all, though. With my decreasing amount of posts over the last few months, I’ve failed to mention my travel plans for the month. On Nov. 2nd I’m heading off to California to have fun with some friends!

So I guess on top of my regular writing schedule, I’m going to be busy having a good time.

I apologize for the brief post, I’ll have something longer prepared for next week!



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