Well, I said I was going to return to my regular blogging schedule… and I did for about two days. I haven’t been particularly busy, just lazy and uninterested in blogging. It’s not that I don’t like you guys anymore… I dunno, just one of those mood things I guess. I’m not even excited to be writing this right now, but I guess that’s just life.

Tomorrow I’m planning on working on Taichiren’s again for the first time in about a month and a half. If all goes well, all I’ll be doing is dedicating an hour or so every day to write as much as I can. Then when I have more time, I’ll increase that amount to whatever seems suitable. For now an hour or so should be plenty, given then I don’t procrastinate (I’ve actually been pretty good about this lately!) or “forget” about it.

On another note, being on a bit of a schedule every day seems weird. I’m not sure I ever told you guys my new plans regarding university, but I’ve decided that I’m gonna spend the next year and a half writing and doing whatever I want. I’ll most likely end up going to school in 2016. Of course, I’ll be taking something that will benefit my goals of becoming an author. That seems like a long time, now that I think of it, but it really isn’t. I’ve chosen 2016 for a reason.

Between now and 2016, my goal is to write Taichiren’s Heart and all of the books after it. Of course they’ll just be first drafts, but I want to have them completed. In addition, I want to have Taichiren’s in a publishable state, and if all goes well, hopefully grab myself an agent. I’m really far away from finishing any of these goals, but I’ve got plenty of time to work with what I’ve got and complete at least part of those goals.

Tomorrow you guys will get to see my post on The Dark Tower. Joy!

How goes your writing affairs as of late guys? Anything exciting to share?



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