Busier Than Busy

Saturday was moving day, and I’ve been pretty busy with things relating to that since about Wednesday/ Thursday. Most of our stuff is unpacked and put away now; well, everything except what’s currently in out bedroom– there are boxes of books everywhere that I need to put away at some point this week.

A couple days ago I also finished The Dark Tower. I started the long awaited post on the series, but with all of the other stuff I’ve been doing it’ll be a couple days before I get to finishing it. But hey, it’s in the works! I’m probably about a third through the post (it’s a long one), and I’m really enjoying writing it. Hopefully you guys’ll enjoy reading it.

I’m really eager to start writing Taichiren’s Heart again. From my estimates regarding that writing, I’ll be able to slowly pick up the story in about a week from now. Even if I’m still really busy, I’m hoping to find enough time to get started, because unless I get to work on it soon, I’m not going to be able to finish this draft before the end of the year (which is basically my goal). So even a couple hundred words is all I’m getting done per day in a week from now, that’ll have to do. I’m determined to finish the draft this year and I’ll do everything I can to achieve it; even if that means I can’t sleep ten hours a day anymore (this would make me sad, but that shows you how serious I am).

Writing in general hasn’t been neglected, however. I’ve still been working rather diligently, and that involves a lot of writing. Lots of reading, and even more writing. With the amount of writing I’ve been doing for work, I keep noticing more and more ways to improve my style and writing in general. I know I’m far from perfect, but it feels good when I’m able to identify a flaw (even if it’s minor) and be able to fix it.

Anyway, there’s your update. I’ll be resuming regular blogging schedule tomorrow, so see you then!



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