Writing Under Pressure

Lots of people claim to struggle doing things under pressure. I understand the feeling because in some cases, pressure really causes me to stress, stress some more, procrastinate, and then either not get anything done or finish what I’m supposed to do last minute. I think in this situation lots of people react differently, and obviously, some better than others.

For me, however, writing is a different story.

I work well knowing that there’s an upcoming deadline. I’m able to clear my mind with ease, focus on the story, and pump out about a thousand words or more an hour until I’m done. Of course, this only works with writing. If I have to work on anything else, I’m back to my regular stressing routine. I guess that’s just how I work at the moment.

Writing my own story also kind of works differently. I mean, yeah, I have my personal deadlines (none of which are really any time soon because of my restart of the rewrite), but it’s not the same as having someone else hold you to that deadline. It’s really the extra enforcer that pushes the ‘srs bsns’ aspect into my mind. 

How do you guys write under pressure?



2 thoughts on “Writing Under Pressure

  1. Sometimes, pressure is the only thing that gets me out of a rut. It’s amazing how I’ll struggle and struggle and struggle at a certain point in my book, and then I set a deadline for myself and suddenly it’s like someone turned the lights on.

    But other kinds of pressure–like those programs that yell at you if you don’t type fast enough, or persistent word count goals–those don’t do anything for me. I freeze up and get frustrated until I throw them out the window, and suddenly I can write again. 🙂


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