The Freelance Writer’s Den

If you’re a freelancer like myself you’ve probably already heard of the Freelance Writer’s Den, an online community dedicated to helping freelancers and aspiring freelancers get out into the world and make more money than what they can get working for crappy content mill websites and the like.

Assuming you do something like copy writing, journalism, or write other web content. I’ve had a membership in the Den for two months now (I plan on ending it before the 3rd month begins in about two weeks from now), and I haven’t really gotten much out of it because it seems to be geared toward those kinds of writers; there doesn’t seem to be any or much support for freelance fiction writers and editors like myself. The job board is filled with jobs specifically for that kind of writing, I didn’t find anything interesting in the forums.

However, I did find some use in the bootcamp and e-course section of the site. I haven’t finished watching everything that I want to see, but there have been some useful tips on things like building your website, creating contracts, and looking for jobs. Some of them were geared toward certain types of writing, as is tradition, but it wasn’t hard in this instance to apply the lessons to my own work and what I’ve already been doing for myself.

I see a lot of value in the site, but it’s just not for me, and I’ll be moving on after this month in search of other similar sites more geared toward novelists and fictioneers. I’ve gained enough to make the $60 or so I spent over two months worth it, but I don’t see any further value in continuing my subscription.

Please note that this isn’t a review of the site and I don’t have anything to say in regards to its overall worth. The site in general is high quality and provides lots of information and assistance for freelancers like myself, but as I mentioned before, it just wasn’t for me. I still recommend trying it out for yourself if you’ve been considering giving it a try- if I recall correctly, then den is opening for new members sometime in September.

Has anyone here tried the den before or is a current member? What are your thoughts on the site, and did you find it useful for freelancing or writing in general?



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