Finally, a Place to Live and a Date to Move Out

I think I may have mentioned it before, but the original goal regarding my graduation was to move out with my boyfriend, his brother, and a few friends at the beginning of July. We found a place that would take all six of us; it was large, spacious, and only a little out dated. All we had to do was get back into Kelowna to sign the lease.

However, the day comes when we’re supposed to make the two hour drive, meet the landlady, and get that over with. Except when we called to confirm that she was available… there was no answer. There was no answer an hour later, there was no answer the next day, there was no answer next week, and there was no answer when we tried calling from a different phone.

It appeared to be that what we hoped was the end of our search was just the beginning of another phase in searching.

Just to give a little background, Kelowna is one of the larger cities in the Okanagan Valley. Since my boyfriend is attending University there on the 1st of September and I plan on attending the same one in about 1-2 years from now, it was an easy decision for us to say we wanted to find somewhere in the area. But because the city has grown exponentially in the last thirty or so years, accommodation is getting harder and harder to find.

Our plans had to change drastically as time went on. This was partially because finding a place for six people was difficult and expensive after our first offer, and because we were becoming more and more desperate. By the end of July we were down to searching for somewhere for just four people, but even most two and three bedroom places were only looking to have two or three people, which was unfortunate. By the middle of September, we were searching for two different housing options, a place where we could fit three of us, or a place for just me and my boyfriend. These were much easier to find, but with how competitive the search for housing in the area is, we weren’t having any luck getting anyone to accept us.

Regardless, yesterday we went to Kelowna for one of our last planned desperate house searches. We made a few appointments to view some places, some that we were sceptical about but were desperate enough to look, and some others that looked promising. There were a few really nice places we got to see, including two awesome townhouses that we would have enjoyed living in. But with our lack of references and such because of being students, they were closer to dream homes than anything. I believe it was about half way through our search for the day when I saw an ad online for a couple looking for a roommate. The price was reasonable, but we weren’t too exciting about the prospect of living with other people; after all, we’d heard more than our share of roommate horror stories on reddit. But with only a bit over a week before classes begin for my boyfriend, we were willing to try anything in hopes at least finding somewhere temporary. So we made an appointment and added it to our list of places to take a look at.

We went over to the place a couple minutes early to scope out the area. Nice place, and it was actually in the area we wanted to live in, and was near one of the places we were considering several months prior. Right across the street there was convenience store, and the outside of the place looked pretty nice. It was kinda cute, actually, there was a white picket fence and everything. So we rang the doorbell and a couple moments later an Asian guy comes to the door. Since he, along with the entranceway were part of my first impression with the place, I can say I was rather pleased so far (I love Asians, and later we learnt that he was an authentic Japanese- you know, from Japan. How cool is that?).

We proceed to enter the place and talk with the couple while we look around. Nice open living area, everything is clean and tidy. While that’s fine and all, there was something else that caught my eye. There was a small bookshelf against the wall that had several volumes of Death Note in it, and probably some other manga that I just didn’t recognize. That was another ten points, but on top of the fact that they seemed to be gamers (or at least one of them, which was evidenced by the shiny green- what I assumed to be Razer- keyboard on one of the desks in the living room), I was pretty much sold before reaching the bedroom that was potentially ours.

Nothing else really matters besides the fact that the girl was the one who was the big gamer; the guy said he did some but it was her that got him into it, and the fact that I’m thrilled to say we decided to go for it. Next weekend we’re moving in with our two new roommates, and into our new home.




One thought on “Finally, a Place to Live and a Date to Move Out

  1. Congratulations Erynn, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown up! I still think of my little girl when I think of you, guess I have to change that picture in my head! Lol.
    Love you
    Cathy. XOXO


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