What is Action?

All of us probably have different beliefs regarding the concept of action. In literature,  a scene can be regarded in many different ways; only a handful of those being what the author intended the scene to be seen as. This isn’t because the scene was written poorly or people are misinterpreting what the scene actually means, but rather because each individual person is likely to perceive things differently than everyone else.

The same thing goes for preferences, or in this case, what action really is to a certain reader. Some of us consider a heated romance scene real action, and others, blood and guts and death. In the end it’s really a matter of preference, but no matter the person, their “true” version of action will always elicit an emotional response. It’s really as simple as that.

Personally, I appreciate all sorts of action. I love reading gore filled, bloody massacres where the protagonist may or may not live, and I can’t say that I don’t like those nail biting romance scenes. If the writer reaches out to you in a scene and draws an emotional response from you (be it positive or negative), in one way or another, they’ve succeeded.

What kind of action do you like?



2 thoughts on “What is Action?

  1. I think the best action for an author to give us is when they inspire awe. When I can’t take my eyes off of the book i’m reading and I have my mouth agape while reading is the best feeling for me. I feel starry eyed when I do that and probably look pretty silly as well. =D


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