Calling All Writers… Free Advert!

Hey everyone!

I know there’s lots of writers out there, and this is one of those things just for you! This post is meant specifically for anyone to advertise themselves. Got a book, a blog, a website, or something else you want others to see? Now’s the time to post about it!

Absolutely shameless, just give us a link and a bit of info about yourself!



8 thoughts on “Calling All Writers… Free Advert!

  1. Hi. I’m Eisya from Malaysia. I volunteer at a local book rental shop (which is a mix of library & bookshop). I maintain the Facebook page & the website/blog. I write just about anything book-ish from benefits of renting a book to book events all over the world (including digital ones). Please visit the website at Thanks!


  2. Wow, THANK YOU! Great chance to share our pride & joys. To which end, here’s the Publisher’s promo:
    Promontory Press @PromontoryPress Buy @homeworldnovel this Friday and get a great short story by the author. #Romance and #scifi in #Hawaii.


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