The Gaming Rig

Hi everyone!

It’s been a few days since my last post, so I’m really sorry about that- I’ve actually kinda been all over the place. And one of the reasons for that is something I’m going to talk about today!

So, this will be the first real post for videogame Wednesdays. It’s not quite on topic, but I’m sure it’s close enough that we’ll all manage.

In any case, one of the reasons I’ve been all over the place is because I’m in the process of building myself a new computer. I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I’m going to assume that I didn’t. I ordered some of the parts in early July, and the rest of them just came yesterday.

Yay! I set off with my boyfriend and his dad to put the damn thing together. We opened up my brand new, snazzy looking case without a problem and began to feel it up. Okay. There are fans everywhere- two big ones on the top, one big one on the side, and I believe there were a few smaller ones. Remember, this is just on the case- almost every other individual component comes with their own.

Next we figure out which piece goes in first: the power supply. So we crack that box open, and oh damn! I feel like royalty for a second. The power supply came in a velvet bag, and all of the cords that came with it came in this nice, reusable folder/bag thing. With a bit of reading, we pop the power supply into the machine and move on to the next part, which is tricky.

The motherboard requires extra care. Just a little bit of static can cause severe damage to this core component of the computer. In any case, we put down some of those pop up screws (this leaves a cm or so between the case and the back of the motherboard for ultimate air circulation), and the piece clicks in nicely. Now for the processor, which just latches onto the motherboard. Simple step, or at least it’s supposed to be.

Sigh. This is where we started having issues. We couldn’t get the processor to fit. Closing the little case that held it in had a space that just looked too small. So we spend a half hour fiddling with it and trying to figure it out, of course, to no avail. We then turned to the Internet, which served it’s purpose: After some searching, we found that the motherboard and processor were incompatible.

I feel like an idiot. Big amateur mistake, I didn’t realize that AMD and Intel were assholes that have to remain so unique that they make their processors completely different from one another. What a pain in the ass! I bought an AMD processor because it was half the price of an Intel one of the same/similar stats. My motherboard is only compatible with Intel.

We ended up ordering a new processor and have plans to return the one I already bought. I wanted to return the motherboard so I could stick with the cheaper processor, but it was ineligible for returns. 😥

I suppose it’s a lesson well learnt. My new processor should be here on Friday or Monday, where I will swiftly return to building the computer. The hard part was just about done.

A bit of info on my new setup is in order. I currently run on a laptop that can hardly handle gaming at all. A couple hours of league has it burning up, most of my steam games get bluescreened after an hour max, and this is WITH game booster and low graphics, etc. Shitty deal, in other words.

This new computer is an enormous upgrade. Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card, a solid state drive, 16gb of ram, and the new processor I ordered is an i7 core. I can’t wait to finish building it (which is a learning experience on its own) and play some games in sweet perfection.

Another thing to note is that I spent about $2000 on this, which is about $200 less than I could have bought a machine with lower specs pre-made at a store. In other words putting it together requires a lot of time, but it’s significantly cheaper. If you’re in the market for a new gaming computer, I recommend that you consider putting your own together.

Happy gaming!



2 thoughts on “The Gaming Rig

    • Woah since when do you read my blog? @__@ About ragnarok though… I’m not too sure! I haven’t considered it, but I honestly probably wont. I’m trying to get through a bunch of RPGs, though once I get the machine set up I might hop on a server and get my boyfriend to try it out while I nostalgia up the wall. XD


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