Your Writing Mind vs Your Every Day Mind

I’m not sure if this is true for some of you or even all of you, but I have two different states of mind that I use on a daily basis. One of them is what I just use without really thinking about, and the other is what I consciously switch to when it’s time to get to writing.

I do this because my regular mindset is too focused on other things to worry about the story at hand. It’s a lot easier, for me at least, to sort my thoughts out so I have a nice set of “tools” for writing without being cluttered with everything else. There are a few downsides, of course, as there are for everything… so that’s a given.

When I’m able to split life from writing life, I can sit down, take a deep breath, and begin to write. There’s no thoughts running around through my mind telling me to stop writing and worry about something else, I’m just writing. And it feels soooo nice. The ability to just sink into the world and type what comes to mind is really unmatched by anything else.

So the downsides to this, then… well, for starters, sometimes it can be difficult to switch into the right mode to start writing. If I’m stressed over something in particular, I may not be able to push it aside temporarily or long enough to get a significant amount of writing done in peace. Even though I don’t believe in writing because I’m not in the right “mood” (some people call it a variation of writer’s block I suppose), it’s still annoying, but I force myself to sit down and write regardless.

It can also be a hindrance when I want to look to the world or my experiences for inspiration. Because there’s a bit of a wall between the two, there’s really gotta be a whole extra push to fuse them back together for such purposes. The process is a bit hard to describe, but if you’re also in a similar position, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Regardless, do any of you do something similar? Do you have a mindset that you use specifically for writing, or when your not writing?



One thought on “Your Writing Mind vs Your Every Day Mind

  1. Yes–my mindset is complete tunnel vision. I shut everything out to the point that my husband needs to call my name three times to get my attention (which is really bad, I know–but I’ve always had that intense focus mode). Once I drop into writing mode, everything including stress from work, worry about chores, etc. goes away, but I agree…it’s hard sometimes to get there. 🙂


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