Something Great, or Something Crazy?

Hello everyone! I meant to give you guys an update several days ago, but truthfully, several hours after I got home from my appointment I continued to go downhill, getting worse and worse… and *sigh*, I only really felt better starting today, though I’m probably only 50% of my usual self.

Anywho, as I mentioned in my last post, I suspected that this time would be a great time for writing… or at least, for pumping out ideas. I’m happy to say that during the last four days of my pain and misery, I’ve thought up one brilliant idea, though I admit it’s quite close to insanity in regards to the amount of work I’d need to put into it to make it work.

The idea, of course, is related to Taichiren’s Heart. A while ago I made a post about how I hated my main character- you can read it here, if you missed it- and since then, I’ve encountered a variety of other problems that I haven’t had any luck finding solutions to. Because of this, I ended up putting the writing on “hold” again because I was becoming flustered over the many issues and didn’t want to damage the manuscript any more before I came up with anything that would fix it. So the other day when I was just about asleep (as per usual, this is when I get most of my ideas), I had the craziest thought: What if I tore myself away from the storyline I have and rewrite everything with a different outlook?

I would still use the same characters, but their experiences, how they meet each other, and the density of the plot would change. Everything would move around, but the plot itself would remain the same, as well as the end goal, and the character’s themselves. Since the problems I’ve encountered really drew a pit in the ground for me to try and leap over, the moment I thought of it I was like, “wow, why didn’t I think of this before?” I suppose you could say I was so convinced that the storyline I had was what I needed, that I didn’t see the possibility of telling it a different way- which now I have.

Doing this gives me the opportunity to not quite start anew with the story, but build off of what I have and what I DON’T have for the current storyline, and work to fix the problems I previously encountered in the old manuscript. Unfortunately, this means I’m no longer at Chapter 15, I’m now back at Chapter 2, and without a clear path ahead of me with the story. It’ll be more work, yes, but will it be worth it? I hope so.

I’ll give you guys another update on the progress with this radical idea once I’ve made a chunk in the manuscript, maybe about 5 chapters or so? I have another project looming over me that I need to deal with asap, but I’ll get back to you on it when I can!

One final thing to note is that I’m nearing the completion of The Dark Tower series (I’m about 1/4 through the final book), and that as soon as I finish I’ll be writing a lengthly post on the series, though of course, I’ll try and avoid spoilers because those aren’t really any fun. Maybe look forward to reading this in about 1-2 weeks!

Anyway, I’ll be posting again soon, so have a great day guys and happy writing!



2 thoughts on “Something Great, or Something Crazy?

  1. It’s so hard to axe what you have and start all over again, but sometimes that’s just the best way to go. I had to do that with Demon’s Heart a couple of times. Kind of demoralizing, but it always turned out better in the end. 🙂 Best of luck with your rewrite!


    • I’m actually feeling a lot better about doing the rewrite over again than continuing with what I’ve got. True I need to start all over, but as you said, it’s probably the best way to go in this situation. The only thing I’m worried about at this point is if tossing away all of the big problems I have now will just give me another list of equally difficult problems to face. It’ll all come in time, though, so I guess that’s something to think about when, and if, they come.


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