Oh My Gosh, Writing!

I’m actually not sure what today’s post will be about. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, and none of my pre-determined topics seem all that appealing at the moment. So I guess what you guys get is a thought piece… about whatever pops up in the next thirty seconds or so.

Actually, I think I’ll talk about Taichiren’s Heart, because despite it being unfinished and me being a bit hesitant to talk too much about the details (in case some of you guys read it in the future…), it’s always actually an awkward topic for me to talk about. But I still like talking about it. I guess that’s the author’s ego thing going on here, I’m proud of my work, even if it’s unfinished. 🙂

As you may already know, Taichiren’s Heart is a fantasy novel. I’m not really sure what kind of fantasy, though. You could say Epic because of the scale of the book and the problems that are encountered (though I personally don’t think of it as an epic); you could say Dark because of the themes in the book- while some of the darker themes are somewhat hidden beneath the layers of the story, they are still there for those who look for them. It’s definitely not a YA fantasy, it has no important YA elements (such as coming of age, finding yourself, etc.) and none of my characters are teens, as you would expect in a typical YA novel. Another obvious category would be sword & sorcery fantasy, and while there are definitely swords and definitely a bit more than a little sorcery, I don’t think it falls in that category either. Really, it seems like Taichiren’s doesn’t fall neatly into anything, which is completely okay. I’ve noticed (at least for fantasy) that there’s a sort of grey line when it comes to the genre and that fantasy often seems to touch in several different types of fantasy.

What else is there to say? I guess the progress on Taichiren’s will do. I’m just coming out of a personal writing standstill, so Taichiren’s has been struggling a bit. I’m still hoping to get at least 20 chapters done before the end of the month, even though that’s not quite what my goal was originally. I think I’m on chapter 14 at the moment… but with a little over a week to go, I think hitting that goal with be possible. I better get to work though!

On a side note, you’re all awesome. 🙂



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