What About a Novel Makes it Unique?

There are lots of aspects of novels and their stories that make us fall in love with them. I suppose you could actually say that you can fall in love with any part of a book; the cover, the plot, the characters, the prose, a certain scene… the list goes on. However you can also say this about every book- that each and every one has something that you could potentially like about it.

So how does a book garner that extra bit of attention from a reader that makes it a favourite?

Truthfully, I don’t really know. I haven’t published a novel yet, so I can’t tell you what the secret to weaving your way into your reader’s heart is, but all of us have something in particular that we look for in every book. I’d like to think that this happens regardless of whether we think about it or not.

Personally, I don’t have a set list of ideals that will automatically make a book a favourite of mine, but I’m sure some people do. Each novel is a unique experience, so to me, the “list” of things changes. There are different books I like for different things; for example, I like the Mortal Instruments for the unique twist on a YA series; I like Riyria Revelations because of its layered plot; I like The Legend of Drizzt because of the beautiful characterization.

In other words, everything makes a book unique (that’s not to say some people seem to have put effort into making their books not in any way shape or form different from others… but that’s beside the point), and its up to you- the reader- to determine whether that uniqueness fits you.

A little disclaimer here… this post kinda went out of control, haha. I  still ended up liking it, even if it is kinda strange, so yeah! 🙂

What makes a book unique to you?



2 thoughts on “What About a Novel Makes it Unique?

  1. A good story, for me, is watching a character grow stronger, more successful, more powerful and watching the trials and tribulations involved within that growth, like the Dragonlance chronicles, the Riftwar saga and the Farseer Trilogy.


    • Yes, I agree! Character growth is an important aspect of a good story. I especially like it when characters who have grown and changed reflect on their past and realize things that they hadn’t during that point in their life.


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