When Do You Read the Most?

I don’t actually read that much any more, but I do whenever I can make time for it. Of course this is for two reasons, because I love to read, and because I believe that I need to be well read in order to write better than I already do. Like writing, however, I feel that I’m most prone to read at certain hours- even when I should be doing something else.

There are two times during the day that I find best for reading (at least for me). The first time is right after I’ve finished writing for an extended period of time; my reasoning behind this is because after devoting a lot of brainpower into my own world (or the world of whoever’s writing I’m working on), it’s nice to delve into the story of an already established world with already established characters, all I have to do is follow along.

The second time is right before bed, but I feel that’s pretty common amongst readers. It’s just kinda nice to get off the computer and rest my eyes within the pages of a nice book before passing out.

I also find that reading is very unattractive to me in the morning. I’m going to say this is because reading is really a job for when the brain is functional, and my brain is definitely not functional during the early hours of the day.

When do you find yourself picking up a book to read? When do you feel reading is the worst thing you could do at that moment?



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