Writing a New New Scene

All scenes have a first time… at least, a first time that isn’t what’s going on in just your head; that would be the first time you write those words on a page.

What does this process look like for you? I’m sure it’s different for everyone. When I go and start writing a scene for the first time, I really don’t care for any complexities, though I usually try to stay grammatically correct. Everything else is free game until I go back over it again. Generally speaking, this means the scene is garbage. Not only does it make no sense, have no “feeling” to it, or is structurally awkward, these scenes are normally 90% rewritten. So wait- why bother? Well you have to start somewhere.

I’ve noticed that my worst scenes (in Taichiren’s Heart) are currently the ones that are being added to the story for the first time. It makes sense, really, because almost everything else has been written once or twice already. These scenes are brand new in comparison to their semi-polished siblings. One thing about these scenes I’ve been adding is that they add a lot to the book, such as more action, description, or make the world seem more real, but there’s one part of my novel that I’m struggling with.

I changed one scene at the end of the beginning of the story that would leave less questions in the end/middle area, but changing this scene made it so I was missing a character to guide two of my characters to meet two others. While I found a way to get the characters over there anyway, the method is really raw, awkward, and needs a lot of work. I guess it’s just another one of those things, eh?

Have any of you had a problem similar to this? I’m sure with the amount of rewriting that a novel needs, some of you have, so share your thoughts and experiences! 🙂




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