Different Kinds of Stories

As I’ve mentioned several times in the past, I’m an avid gamer. I play pretty much whatever suits my fancy, be in RPGs, MMOs, FPS, puzzle games… you name it. Although lately, I’ve started playing videogames for a different reason.

Since I call myself a writer, I’ve figured that it would be a wise idea to learn about writing all different types of stories. That includes the process behind writing stories for videogames. I haven’t really learnt all that much yet because I’ve only just begun my examination, but I’m sure that in due time I’ll have more than enough thoughts about the process.

What this actually makes me think about is how many different kinds of “story writing” there are. Not only are there novels, there are short stories and scripts, which also seem to be broken up into several different categories (movies, tv series, and I believe dialogue for videogames falls in here too). The possibilities are endless with just the form of your story, that’s not even thinking about how many possibilities there are with a bit of tweaking to the genre you’re working on- it’s incredible how many opportunities there are to create unique stories, but this also makes me wonder why so many people insist upon writing the same stories over and over again… (sigh)

While I don’t think I’ll ever try my hand at a dedicated movie/tv script, I’m thinking of branching off into writing short stories. Not because I really want to, but there are several important elements in a short story that I believe I need more practice with. For example, pacing and characterization. Plus I have a few short story ideas that I really want to try writing, though this is mostly because I don’t want to end up expanding them into novel ideas. I mean, I already have too many ideas for about 10 different series. I probably should work on getting my first one finished before I work on more ideas… <_<

Does anyone here have a writing focus outside of writing novels? What is it?



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