I’ve Made a Fatal Mistake– I Hate My Main Character

While working on Taichiren’s Heart, I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate Kristinn, who is what you would define as my ‘main’ character. There are actually quite a few reasons for this.

First off, I’ll mention that when I originally outlined the book, I made Kristinn a stupid bitch who would be entirely useless for the duration of the story. But since I rewrote and reworked the entire storyline, her role in the story has become vital. Unfortunately for me, other than her developing a tiny bit, her actual character is useless. It’s not that she’s a flat character… she develops quite a bit as a person throughout the story; it’s that I kind of despise her because I haven’t overcome my hate of main characters who are “special”.

I suppose what my real problem is that at the moment, even though she’s vital to the structure of the story, her being a magicless human in a world of magic is… well, let’s just say that it practically makes her a hindrance to whomever has to deal with her. She’s physically weak, never trained in any type of combat, cannot use magic, and the only thing she really has is her brains. How much use is that going to be when she’s constantly manipulated and abused by the magic around her, sometimes even without her knowledge?

Ahhg. I feel as if I’ve put myself in a dreadful position with her character. While I want to stay true to having her not really be special, I need to change something with her character or situation that makes her a bit more prepared for the story ahead of her. I’ve known about this problem since I went and began the 3rd draft on the earlier chapters, but I’ve yet to find a way to fix it without having to redo a lot of key components in the story.

This is a problem I’ve never had before, and it’s definitely one that I didn’t expect to have to deal with. I mean, unless you’re intentionally engineering your characters to be hated, why would you expect to? I don’t know, I guess it’s just something I’ll work on repairing sooner or later. Not like the manuscript is anywhere near complete, haha.

Have you guys ever realized that you hated one of your most important characters? Have you ever encountered a situation in writing, that you created, and have it be something you have no idea how to fix?



6 thoughts on “I’ve Made a Fatal Mistake– I Hate My Main Character

  1. That is one big dilemma…could it be that Kristinn is indeed useless now and you are fighting the fact she is still in the story? That has happened to me before when developing characters and had to sadly remove them entirely as they served no more purpose after tightening the story…we were gutted to do it too but once we did everything made more sense…hope to hear more about it and read it when you are done! Fingers crossed and congrats to have made it this far!


    • Yes, I’m still debating whether or not that may be the case. Her role as a character currently seems minor, but while she doesn’t do anything all that significant, she’s an important pawn for other characters in the book. I think what I might end up doing is either cutting her as a “main” character (which would mean I need to reorder the storyline) or somehow making her more involved in the events that happen around her. We’ll see.


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