How Much Procrastination Is Too Much?

I think the ability to over procrastinate is a trait often shared between writers, and well, all creative persons. I’m not saying that it’s not something that exists in everyone… because lets face it, all of us have suffered from the ill whims of procrastination sometime in our lives.

I actually used to consider myself the worst procrastinator ever because I always saved everything for the last minute. Schoolwork? Done the night before due or the class before it needed to get handed in. Writing goals? Write those 5000 words two hours before I need to go to sleep. Have to clean or do something around the house? Do it when mother is fuming because it was supposed to be done 12 hours ago.

So yeah, I’m definitely not new to procrastination or anything. However, over the last few months I’ve decided to try and combat it. And hey, I’ve actually been a little bit successful. At least in the world of writing, reading, and getting work done, I’ve managed to make a system where I can get stuff finished way before it needs to be, and still have time to do whatever the hell I want afterwards.

The system is pretty simple, actually. All I do is tell myself that I have to get it done, and that I can’t do anything else until I’ve finished a certain percentage of it. Once I complete that amount, I reward myself with doing something I like, for example, playing videogames. That is, instead of playing videogames and doing work once I get bored of that, I’ve turned it around to benefit myself and remove the guilt that comes from saving what needs to get done until its almost too late. As for everything else? I guess it’ll come with time, haha.

How about you guys? Do you have ways to overcome your procrastination issues, or have you already overcome it completely?



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