What I Love the Most About Reading

I’m sure that all of us have plenty of reasons why they enjoy whatever they do as a hobby. And I mean reasons better than “I like it” or “Because it’s fun.”

For example, I really enjoy reading. While I’ve begun to read less and less over the last two years, I’ve started picking it up again because being well read is essential to becoming a good writer. So what really happened was that when I started writing again, I started reading again. Really, the two both go hand in hand. Before I stopped reading as much, I was reading 100-150 books a year. A ridiculous amount, I must say. I think last year I read about 20, if that. As I said though, since I’m beginning to take my writing seriously, I’ve started taking my reading seriously.

When I read, not only do I read to enjoy the story at hand, but I read to learn what about the story I liked. If I was able to enjoy it and I’m able to identify why I liked it, then it’s something I might be able to incorporate into my own writing. On top of that, I learn a lot about my own style by reading other’s books and examining their writing. I can see how I would have written something, compare it to how the author wrote it, and look to understand why it was written that way; I also make it a habit to try and discern whether my method or the author’s was better- generally speaking, it’s almost always the author’s.

Anyway, I’ve strayed a bit off topic. Reading is something I’ve always enjoyed, and though at the moment I’m currently reading a lot to experience a wide variety of different fantasy, there’s a lot more to it than that. When I read a book… it takes me out of “our” world, and brings me into another. I have no difficulty reaching into a book and seeing the world lay out before me, and I have no issues seeing the characters and understanding their struggles. Being able to go somewhere else without doing more than sitting down and opening a book, that’s a magical feeling.

I guess what you could say that what I love most about reading is the ability to escape from everything else.

What do you guys love so much about reading? What do you love the most about whatever your favourite hobby is?



2 thoughts on “What I Love the Most About Reading

  1. I read because, like you, it transports me into another world. Usually, one very different from ours, which is like a breath of fresh air. Right now, I’m trying to read books that are not teen books with teen problems because I want to develop my own writing style. I’m afraid that if I continue reading so many teen books, my writing will always sound mediocre and not formal–like a teen’s. 🙂


    • Haha I completely understand. Until recently I’d almost exclusively read YA novels, and while they were good reads when I was about 15, I really started seeing the same problems in each new series I picked up. Eventually I got sick of it and decided that I needed to move onto something else. Glad to see you’ve experienced something similar! 🙂


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