So I Guess I’ve Graduated…

That was about a week ago now. Time flies, huh? I’ve finally eliminated my overtly hectic schedule and everything’s pretty much back to normal. The only thing that’s still pending is the big move… complications came up and we’ve got a bit of a delay. Shouldn’t be too long though. 🙂

But yeah, I guess I graduated. Am I supposed to feel any different? Because I really don’t. I don’t really feel excited or accomplished, I’m not particularly proud of myself or anything… it really feels like just another day has passed. One more small obstacle in the pool of things that are in my way. The only thing I could really say I’m ‘happy’ about is that I no longer need to spend an obscene amount of time trying to please other people. Now that school is over, I can dedicate all of my time to pleasing myself, and discovering who I actually am so that can happen. Big dream, eh? Since I don’t want to do much more than write and a bit of travelling in the next year and a half, I don’t think there’s much for me to be worrying about. 🙂

Anyway, the year’s second Camp NaNoWriMo started four days ago. I actually forgot about it on July 1st and only started on the 2nd… but I’ve had a good track record with writing the last month or so, so I don’t foresee any issues with catching up (plus, a day is like nothing, anyway). I’ve got a very specific goal for this NaNo: COMPLETE the 2nd draft of Taichiren’s Heart. It’ll be a big push, but with little in my way to stop me from reaching it, at the very least I’ll be able to get a big chunk of it done. After all, this goal isn’t about achieving it, it’s about putting the effort into it… … and, well, reaching that 50,000 word mark!

Lets see… non-writing developments… I’ve started the process of building my new computer. I don’t think I actually mentioned that before, did I? Well I’m a big gamer and I’m sick of breaking dinky laptops, so since I’ve got  a job and won’t need to be moving around so much once I get my own place, it’s time to throw some money to get myself a decent machine. Going for an uber gaming machine that’s only moderately priced. I think I calculated that it would cost about $1700 or so for the computer itself, so not including any other gadgets I want to get to go along with it… (like this fancy Steelseries mouse I bought. Dayum it’s so much better than the crap I was using before).

Okay, that’s all for today guys. Look forward to resumed almost daily posts by Erynn from here on out! Love you all.



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