Hello Everyone :)

I’ve started writing my blog posts at night before or after dinner during a small space of time where I don’t usually feel like doing anything. So by using this bit of “spare” time (in which I normally stare at my computer screen for about twenty minutes), I am now able to return to a regular blogging schedule. Lucky me, and lucky you. Haven’t you missed me? 🙂

Before I made the switch (which happened about two days ago), I was writing blog posts whenever I felt like it, about whatever I wanted to write about. They, to me, felt authentic. The posts were about something I wanted to share, and always about something I felt I knew enough about to discuss. Very rarely did I ever have to do “research” for a blog post- and I hope this doesn’t change.

It’s still pretty much the same, because the posts I’m writing are still about whatever is on my mind and not some pre-determined topic, but I guess having it published a quarter of a day later makes it feel a bit different. The topic is no longer fresh in my mind, I’m not actually AWAKE when it goes live, and, well… I don’t know. It’s different, but I guess whatever works, eh? I’d rather stick to this system than to abandon my blog for another few weeks. I’m moving on Mon/Tues, and my Grad ceremony is this Thurs evening. @__@

You’re awesome, everyone, and I thank you for reading my blog. Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for content or the systems I’ve been using. I would love to hear your thoughts.



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