What Everything is and What Everything isn’t

The title doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s post. Maybe.

It’s been a few days since my last post. Truthfully, I’ve been really busy! (Too busy to write a blog post? AHG!) TOMORROW is prom! I get to wear a pretty pretty dress and wear make-up for the first time in like 10 years. Well, that’s not the truth, I got to put on some eye liner the other day as a trial run; let me say that I looked a bit like a raccoon.

I think my eyes are a bit too squinty for make-up, which is okay, because it’s not really my thing anyway. One night won’t kill me.

This week has been quite the adventure, and for once, not in the crazy writing-reading sense. On Wednesday I went to a kangaroo farm (that I didn’t know existed) and got to hold a freaking baby kangaroo. It licked my hand! And it was soooo soft. Here’s a picture:


It’s it cute? There was an albino kangaroo and a mommy with a baby in her pouch. There were also goats, an emu, boars, parrots, and a few other animals with names I can’t remember right now. It was pretty cool.

Sorry for the brief post, guys, I promise I’ll make up for it with something really awesome next week. Ta~ta!



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