I Looove Writing

Yesterday I fell in love with my novel all over again. It’s not that I ever fell out of love with it… I’ve been working on it quite a bit over the last two weeks, more than I have in the previous month or so. I’ve finally managed to stuff some time to write consistently, and at the moment I have 7 chapters 2nd draftified, and 1 chapter 3rd draftified.

It’s a lot different to theorize what will happen in your novel than to actually try and put those thoughts into play. To be able to sit down and write about those characters you’ve had living in your head for months… to not only write the words on a page, but to visualize what’s happening in your story while you let the words flow.

Writing for work is similar, though not quite as… strong, I guess? I feel that the characters I didn’t create myself are tools that can be put into their special box when I’m not actively using them. When they come out and I’m working with them, though, I can still relate to them and feel what they’re feeling. Writing is such a magical thing, though I guess you could say it’s all in the mind.

I realized yesterday, when I was writing my book, that I’ve been so excited to work on the rewrite that I’ve just been putting it off longer. Weird feelings about how the excitement will cloud my judgement and such… but hey, that’s what my slave alpha reader is for and for subsequent edits and rewrites! So instead of worrying about how the scene will look in comparison to the old one, I’ll just write as I have before… I think it’s a habit I’ve picked up from work writing. It’s not necessarily bad, but just something I’ll have to consciously push away from now on.

On a side note, I really enjoyed making a 2nd draft into a 3rd draft. It wasn’t nearly as much work as creating the 2nd draft, and I really feel that I learnt a lot by going over it. Not only a lot about my own style and how I structure things, but also on things to improve. I’m actually pretty happy to say that I think my writing is okay. It’s a lot different than my blog writing, I feel, but still keeps that ‘me’ feeling.

What I mean by I feel that it’s okay is that it’s a huge improvement from what my writing was when I set out to write this book. I rarely use adverbs and have gotten good at eliminating them, and I’ve also taken a big step forward by learning how to eliminate other useless words before even putting them on the page. Here’s the first paragraph in the first chapter of Taichiren’s Heart:


Bright, orange flames flickered from the fireplace in the corner of the room, providing the only source of light that peeked into the darkness. Three bodies were masked by their auras of red and blue. The strongest aura followed close to its master as he turned towards the fireplace; the flames reflected in his eyes as he began to speak.



Grass-coloured eyes reflected in the light of the blazing fire, the small office holding no other source of light. Within the room, three figures masked themselves with their individual auras; each of them coloured either red or blue.

It could still use some improvement, definitely, but the first was written in November of last year and the second in March this year. To me it seems a lot tighter, the images are more distinct, and it’s not so redundant.

Have you noticed any significant improvements in your writing over a period of time such as I have?

On another note, a while ago I was accepted as a beta reader for a fantasy series. You can read about the series on the website or follow my thoughts on the first book while I read it, here. I encourage everyone interested in the series to come and chat, I can’t speak about many details off of the website itself but you are more than welcome to discuss anything already revealed or what I mention during the beta reading process. The start of the project is sometime tonight, so updates will start tomorrow. I hope you guys like it!



One thought on “I Looove Writing

  1. Love the before and after! The second version draws the reader straight to the figures, and there’s a sense of foreboding. I definitely see improvements in my work, too–especially in my revision stage which lasts much longer than my drafting stage. I revise obsessively. 🙂


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