Feature Fantastical Fantasy Figment… Fanatic?


Artwork by: PoshKrogan


As you can probably tell, alliteration isn’t my thing. Thankfully that’s not what today’s post is about, and hopefully I’ll never have to write a post on it. Today’s post, however, is on fantasy! I’ve written a bit about my thoughts on fantasy before, but I think they’ve mostly been in passing and I haven’t done anything in depth.

My favourite genre is fantasy. I don’t care if it’s just fantasy or if it’s paired with something, even if I don’t necessarily like that sub genre; I don’t judge fantasy based off of the author it’s written by (an example of this would be The Dark Tower series, I’m not a fan of Stephen King but I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about those books, and since it’s fantasy I picked it up; I want to talk about this series but not today), but rather by the work itself. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of being picky and choosy for every other genre, but fantasy is not one of them.

What do I love about fantasy? Well, lots of things, actually. I love how easily I become disconnected from the world around me and can throw myself into the book, feeling what the characters feel and walking in their shoes. While this isn’t impossible to do with other genres, I find that most simple in fantasy because generally speaking, it takes place in a world completely different from our own.

I also love how you can completely rewrite the rules of the universe. You don’t know where the book is taking place unless the author tells you, and how likely is it that the author will tell you the exact coordinates of their world in the universe? Unlikely. Each book has rules and laws that differentiate the stories from one another. On Earth you’d be insane to throw a brick up in the air and hope it flies away, but maybe in the world you’re reading about that’s not an impossible wish.

How versatile the world can be is incredible. You can create new races because it suits your story, you can shape the land how you need it, and the reader can picture these things however they want to. The possibilities that come with a world of magic and (sometimes) instability are endless, and everything you create must weave in with the rest of the story in order to hold its right place.

What do you guys like about fantasy? Is there anything you don’t like about the genre itself?



10 thoughts on “Feature Fantastical Fantasy Figment… Fanatic?

  1. Funny you mention you can lose yourself in the world created…I have the opposite problem… It is the only genre I cannot do that :)) Liked your post though very much and would love to hear your take on “The Dark Tower Series”


    • Well I most definitely could be insane! I just really love taking a break from the “real world”, even in fiction. Reading about other worlds is more my thing, I suppose. I’m actually quite excited to write about The Dark Tower, but I’ve only just finished the 4th book, so there are still 3 more to go. Have you read it already, considering it, or just curious?


      • It is actually a series I have always wanted to read as I usually love King (earlier work especially) but never had the “courage” to start due to its fantasy genre…you are not insane, why would you? Nothing wrong in liking a genre 🙂


      • Oh! You might like it, then, if you’re a fan of King’s other works, though yes, it is very different. It’s a mixture of sci-fi, contemporary fiction, and dark fantasy. It’s not really out in the woods like a lot of other fantasy and it’s still pretty relatable to genre fiction even when in the “fantasy” world. For the most part there isn’t anything that most people relate to the fantasy genre (such as dragons, castles, royalty, and there is minimal magic). The characters are quite intriguing, and I find that they are mostly why I’ve stuck with the series this far, though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the plot and such.
        Also, I just often call myself insane. Not because it’s true, just because I like to. 😀


      • I understand as I call myself that too ;))
        Well now i will have to dive into them at some point! For me with books of any kind (well and movies too) it is all about characters… If they are intriguing I am there if not I get bored fast…


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