My Birds!

I’ve felt like making a post about my annoying little chirpers for a while now, but I haven’t had the opportunity until today.

First a little bit of info on them… I have four cockatiels, two male, two female. I think they’re roughly about the same age but two of them are a bit older than the other two (one male one female in each group). Cockatiels themselves are very social birds and love either having a human who can play and interact with them constantly, or at least another friend for them to play with. Generally speaking, females are more shy than males and are much harder to tame; likewise, females also have much more difficulties with speaking/singing compared to males and it’s much more common to have a singing/speaking male than female.

I’d also like to note that at the moment I have two of the little buggers running around on my bed, chirping up a storm and probably pooping all over my pillows.

Kiwi was my favourite bird, so I’d like to share a story about him.


Kiwi was a beautiful bird. He had very soft feathers (not an exaggeration, he had the softest feathers out of any bird I’ve ever owned or touched), and thus I made him like cuddling because I liked his feathers. He was probably also the smartest bird I’ve owned, and I blame his first owners for that (we adopted him from some friends because they got cats and didn’t want to keep him locked up).

I mean, seriously. This damn bird knew how to whistle/sing Hockey Night in Canada. Crazy right? I wish I still had a recording of it, but unfortunately, I lost it when my harddrive failed. He was also a sneaky bitch, always going after my food. He loved potatoes, chips, vegetables (not carrots though, for some reason), and especially pasta and other noodles. If I wasn’t paying attention to my food he’d jump onto my plate and prance around on it and claim it as his own.

It might seem kinda strange, but for two years before he died he slept with me every night. On my head. Just kinda chillin’ like it was nobody’s business. That became a habit of his one night when I forgot to put him back on his cage before sleeping, he loved it. Now that I think of it, he also loved drinking out of my cups. What a bitch.

Speaking of bitches.


Kiwi was one sassy motherfucker. Ugh, that reminds me, he loved eating my books. Seriously, I had to hide them from him up really high or else he’d find them and ruin the covers. All of my homework was like that, too.

I’m not going to talk about how he died, that doesn’t really matter. He’s been gone almost a year now, I loved him, and I miss him. 😦

My other birdies are named Lemons, Crackers, Pacer, and Kiki. All four of them are adopted birds and all of them were named before we got them. I love them all, although Pacer hates people.

In order to avoid completely spamming you guys with pictures, I’m going to post two pictures of Lemons and Crackers because I don’t have any good ones of Kiki and Pacer, I’ll post about them another day. 🙂




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