Camp NaNo Update #3

So camp NaNo came to and end a couple of days ago. Earlier on in the month I mentioned that my goal was only 35,000 because of my on and off schedule, but I’m incredibly happy to say that I broke 50,000! I believe my end word count was just over 51,000.

I’ve got a treat for some of you who need it. Since I don’t need them, you guys can collect the discounted writer’s programs I got as my rewards. I’m not sure whether they’re one-use or not, but I hope someone finds these useful!

Aeon Timeline – 40% off, expires June 1st 2014


Scrivener – 50% off, expires July 1st 2014



I’d also like to mention that I added a new page to my blog, titled My Reading List & Book Recommendations. It’s not finished yet, but I intend to add a full list of books I’m looking to read (via goodreads), as well as add a bunch more recommendations. Please tell me if you have any suggestions or want to give me any ideas for more books to read.



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